MetaTalk 5.0

What is new?

IMPORTANT - As this version adds new symbols, keys, and functions, exported pages or vocabularies CANNOT be imported by previous versions of MetaTalk. Update older versions to enable the import. The update is free of charge. Please perform a backup before each update


Four ready-to-use vocabularies are preconfigured, they can be customized and adapted easily for life long use:

MetaTalk combines core and topic specific vocabulary in each section, avoiding deep hierarchical structures, allowing fast communication with a few taps. Pages with characters allow the transition to text-based communications.

Rich grammar functions emulate language learning and provide easy access for correct communication. Color-coding for word-types can be activated and is user configurable.

Phrases or sentences can be copied or saved to Photos for further use in chats and email; they can also be stored in our MemoBox for future use, for example in a talk or presentation.

Search finds all words or phrases in a vocabulary and shows the path for each occurrence. Paths can be copied or saved to Photos.

Versions and Voices

MetaTalk contains different voices depending on the Version

METACOM © 2020 Annette Kitzinger

The MetaTalk Library contains all METACOM symbols, and all terms are preconfigured with word-type and a word-forms. Add new term to a vocabulary with simple drag-and-drop from the library.

You can create and copy vocabularies and customize them for example for different users. Vocabularies and pages can be exported and imported in compatible software versions.

Additions materials - for example games and educational materials - are available for download.